Rebecca Pumford

Rebecca Pumford brings a lifetime of frontline retail experience to Team Revelations.  Drawing on a career spanning Starbucks Coffee Master and Events Manager to the world of high-end jewellery sales, she grounds our clients’ experiential journeys in the question: “So what will you change when you’re back at work tomorrow?”

Her clear understanding of what drives some teams to succeed and others to fracture is brought to bear in helping clients identify the detailed behavioural changes required to deliver the step-changes in team performance envisioned through Team Revelations’ experiential workshops.

Rebecca has spent years studying the martial arts of China and Japan, including Wing Chun Kung Fu and Aikido, and believes the mental discipline and ritual courtesy of traditional martial arts have much to teach organisations in terms of achieving harmony within workteams.

As Business Development Manager, Rebecca uses her streetwise savvy to identify client organisations whose business needs align most successfully with the unique programme of creative experiences offered by Team Revelations.

You can contact Rebecca direct on +44 (0)7729 869353 or

Lorraine Steele - Retail Revelations Partner

Lorraine is a senior coach and highly skilled facilitator.  She encourages people to gain powerful new perspectives through her unique style of blending proven management theories with the scientific rigor from discoveries in neuroscience and the perceptions gained in deepening self-awareness.

She regularly coaches senior management across a range of companies in several business sectors. She feels it a privilege to share with clients such a powerful and deeply personal journey of learning and discovery. Lorraine’s passionate about providing ways for people to unlock barriers, overcome their difficulties and fulfill their professional potential. She provides experiences that let clients explore how to build strong and rewarding business cultures that influence people’s sense of well-being and encourages themselves and those around them to thrive.

Duncan Bruce - Retail Revelations Partner

Duncan has established a truly alternative approach to brand building that is informed by 25 years creative and strategic experience in empowering the communication and cultural needs of blue chip business and an absolute passion for creative disruption.

The secret of developing new ways of thinking and doing lies in Duncan’s ability to continually challenge himself and inspire others. Working more like a producer than a traditional creative.

Duncan assembles world class teams who can not only inform and develop new creative insights but also test and evaluate these in the field.

Duncan has published his first book Brand Enigma (Wiley) co-written with David Harvey. The book provides a refreshing antidote to conventional brand thinking, creativity and innovation.