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Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank

What we delivered

Team Revelations provided a cross-functional experience that enabled colleagues to understand more about personal, creative and mental skills, and to more deeply appreciate the different ways in which we see. Most of the team had not met before so this was also an opportunity to build new relationships and form new friendships.

Exercises also explored how we visually prioritize information and what represents the essence of the subject.

The workshop focused on creating drawings from observation and imagination helped to refocus managers on their more spontaneous powers to communicate and empathize.

The results…

In the short session the team quickly got to know each other and were able to start to form new relationships to be built upon back at the office and found that the exercises enabled them to make relevant, insightful and useful connections to their day jobs.

During the workshop Peter referred many times to the concept of ‘openness’. This realisation of openness motivates me to communicate better and share my ideas (and prompt my colleagues for theirs…) in our day-to-day work. In the same way that yesterday I felt ‘free’ to express my drawing without ‘fear’ of right or wrong, I feel today motivated to express my own ideas about projects, knowing that I can add value with my contribution.

G. Mazza
Investment Banking – Risk & capital management IT