Why work with us

Get 110% from all your people!

“Our mission is to reinvigorate demanding working lives and turn pressure into inspiration, and inspiration into achievement.”

Team Revelations believe that you cannot operate successfully in the modern market place without knowledge of how to draw out the whole person, their creativity, passions, intellect and emotion.

In Team Revelation’s revelatory workshops, we have witnessed first hand how essential information or a new idea can come from anyone at any level of the organisation. Our workshops break down barriers and provide a levelling experience in which everyone’s ideas are valued and aired.

We breathe fresh energy into hard-pressed working lives and turn pressure into inspiration, and inspiration into achievement.

Grow your people and be able to adapt to change

“In a fast changing world your human capital becomes ever more important and at the heart of that capital is your capacity to learn quickly”

Our experiences challenge how you work, and how you connect learning with your physical environment. It’s of no value to provide learning experiences for your teams if the environment inhibits changing behaviours or doesn’t support new behaviours.

Team Revelations can transform your office space to create an environment that liberates your people from the restrictive nature of day-to-day work.

Brand Revelations

Team Revelations provides learning experiences that authentically enable teams to live their brand values. If teams are in tune with their own instincts and feelings they are much better placed to lead change, articulate objectives and actively support brand strategy, and therefore deliver superior results.

How you and your teams communicate and support the brand values directly influences how your customers perceive you. The customer is at the heart of everything we do at Team Revelations. We will work with your teams to deliver exciting new propositions that will re- engage your customers and revolutionise their experience within your organisation.


To create images about your business goals is far more powerful and inspiring than discussing them around the office table. Everyone becomes creative in a Team Revelations workshop