James McCafferty

Drawing on over twenty years’ experience in the education and public sectors, James McCafferty brings to Team Revelations a central principle that life-changing moments spring from the shared revelation of creative capacities lying dormant within each individual.

While Head of the Tenant Participation Branch in the UK’s Department of the Environment, he ran a multi-million-pound government programme of enabling grants to local authority tenants’ groups.  He coined the generic term Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) to embrace all types of self-managing tenants’ groups, and it was he who first proposed and then developed the policy, regulatory and training framework underpinning the UK’s groundbreaking Housing (Right to Manage) Regulations 1994.  From his first-hand experience with tenants’ groups across the UK, he learned that the self-realisation of an individual utterly transforms the performance of their team.

Moving on to a senior HR post in Westminster, he headed up a team managing 3,000 administrative staff and formulating policy advice on pay and grading decentralisation, competency-based appraisal and performance pay.

Leaving the world of large organisations behind, he set up his own microlight flying school in the UK and Spain, amassing over 4,000 flying instruction hours and gaining a Flight Examiner’s rating from the Civil Aviation Authority.  Alongside this, he established Early Music in Schools, touring the UK with his collection of renaissance woodwind and stringed instruments and introducing thousands of youngsters to the unique sounds of early music.  He wrote and produced the self-teaching beginner’s music programme Live Recorder, and currently tours the UK as one half of the traditional song and instrumental duo Cantlos.

He has spent several decades studying the practice and ceremonial of Japanese martial arts and is a BAA Club Coach in the style of Aikido which follows the teachings of Professor Kenji Tomiki.  He believes that the strong bonds of mutual respect and shared endeavour within martial arts can contribute significantly to the development of high-performing team leaders.

James has invested nearly twenty years in designing transformational experiences for global brands, including Nestlé, Kraft, Unilever, Pepsi, Bosch and Tesco, working through early music, song, dance, soundscapes, drama, poetry, storytelling, meditation and martial arts to catalyse innovation and boost performance within senior teams.  With Team Revelations Director Peter Moolan-Feroze, he devised The Languages of Engagement, a uniquely transformative programme exploring the undiscovered country within the right hemisphere of the brain.  The programme’s creative encounters activate this hidden territory, releasing powerful synergies with the dominant logic domain within the brain’s left hemisphere and triggering startling shifts in the cultural behaviour and performance of senior management teams.

You can contact James direct on +44 (0)7974 949996 or james@team-revelations.com.