How we work



Team Revelations’ Directors Peter Moolan-Feroze and James McCafferty have spent fifteen years testing and refining The Languages of Engagement, a uniquely experiential programme of creative workshops designed to engage workteams and transform team behaviours.  Each module can be used as a free-standing trigger experience or blended with others to create powerfully transformative encounters.  Aligning our planning  closely with clients’ needs, we can tailor workshops as short half-hour kickstart or re-energising experiences running alongside teams’ daily work schedules, or we can customise immersive workshops from half-day to 2 – 3 day transformational events in stunning locations.

The benefits of embedding engagement within teams are evidenced by research which shows that companies with engaged workers have 6% higher net profit margins (Source: Forbes) and engaged companies demonstrate five times higher shareholder returns over five years (Source: Forbes).


What is Engagement?

Engagement can be defined as the emotional commitment an employee or customer has to an organisation and its goals and values.

Engaged teams care about their work and their organisation.  They don’t work just for a salary, or just for the next promotion, but fully share the organisation’s goals and values. When employees care, when they are engaged, they use discretionary effort. They go the extra mile, even when the boss isn’t aware of their extra efforts. They act as the organisation’s ambassadors.


What are The Languages of Engagement?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines language as the system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and feelings to each other.

The Languages of Engagement introduces your teams to an interconnected array of visual and non-verbal styles of communication, from the high energy and formal courtesies and rituals of martial arts to the gentle flow of harmony singing, from the physical freedom of expressive movement to the reflective mindfulness of meditation.  Each module is designed to release subliminal creativity from which cross-functional connections and surprising insights arise.