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Peter Moolan-FerozeJames McCafferty

Who are we?

Team Revelations are a unique consultancy currently working with companies across different sectors in the UK and Internationally. Peter Moolan-Feroze is an education specialist and expert in the use of visual tools and has spent 25 years facilitating visual arts workshops.  James McCafferty has 20 years experience of providing experiential coaching to high performing teams.

Together we specialize in creating and delivering developmental workshops using painting, drawing, music, creative writing and more; combining business acumen with experiential learning.

We cover many key areas including team building, organizational change, strategic development, and brand and customer service projects and work with many different companies from junior, right up to senior and executive level.

We create bespoke sessions for each client and can tackle any business issue – with transformational results.

Why do we do it?

We believe that, through the cross-fertilisation of knowledge and experience we can uncover new business solutions. We aim to energise human potential, thereby increasing performance and profits. James and Peter passionately believe in a renaissance model of development that combines business acumen in business with the power of experiential learning.

How does Team Revelations achieve results?

Since all ideas eventually outlive their usefulness, no organization can grow and prosper without fresh insights. One of the best sources of new ideas is employees, but in many places the sheer weight of the culture stomps out a creative thought before it has a chance to be heard. You can modify such a culture if you teach people how to play.

A necessary condition for creativity is being able to play…

It has been proven that when managers are able to explore their skills and knowledge over a variety of playful and enjoyable activities they increase their ability to make creative, mental connections.

In our innovative workshops we help participants develop new modes of engaging with their work and colleagues, using a variety of media, from painting to singing harmonies or writing poetry collaboratively. We assist our clients to access their creative selves and we can show you new ways to approach problems, to think and to communicate. This creates significant movements of thought and far greater leaps of the imagination than traditional business conversations can provide.

Our workshops create an inspirational and inviting context to resolve difficult issues and enable you to visualise your future.

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