Peter Moolan-Feroze

Peter is an expert in the use of visual tools, pictorial techniques and creative enquiry to unlock and overcome the challenges facing businesses operating in highly competitive environments.

Originally studying fine art at the Slade School of Arts and the Royal Academy of Arts, Peter has 25 years of consulting and workshop facilitation experience in business and education – and an international client list that includes some of the leading names in banking, retail, consumer goods and human development.

Peter brings a wealth of insight and wisdom to clients, using an array of alternative techniques and approaches for business problem solving. With an uncanny ability to get under the skin of problems, Peter releases the latent creative energy in individuals and teams which delivers shifts in thinking that lead to significant leaps in innovation.

Peter works directly with clients, and is in collaboration with business schools, training organisations, business consultancies, branding and marketing agencies and coaching companies within the UK, Europe, the Americas and China.

He is also a talented self-taught acoustic guitarist and a songwriter of some repute.  It speaks volumes about Peter’s approach to his work with Team Revelations that he donated his first album Sketching to the Rural Africa Children’s Educational Trust (RACET) to boost charitable giving to that organisation.

You can contact Peter direct on 07787 537098 or