Rebecca Pumford
Rebecca Pumford

Rebecca Pumford brings a lifetime of frontline retail experience to Team Revelations.  Drawing on a career spanning Starbucks Coffee Master and Events Manager to the world of high-end jewellery sales, she grounds our clients’ experiential journeys in the question: “So what will you change when you’re back at work tomorrow?”

Her clear understanding of what drives some teams to succeed and others to fracture is brought to bear in helping clients identify the detailed behavioural changes required to deliver the step-changes in team performance envisioned through Team Revelations’ experiential workshops.

Rebecca has spent years studying the martial arts of China and Japan, including Wing Chun Kung Fu and Aikido, and believes the mental discipline and ritual courtesy of traditional martial arts have much to teach organisations in terms of achieving harmony within workteams.

As Business Development Manager, Rebecca uses her streetwise savvy to identify client organisations whose business needs align most successfully with the unique programme of creative experiences offered by Team Revelations.

You can contact Rebecca direct on +44 (0)7729 869353 or