What we delivered

A series of experiential workshops looking at product display and some of the barriers making products less ‘touch friendly’ to the customer use of large paintings to animate in the minds of participants what a radically different store layout could look like, creating more openness and a sense of invitation for customers providing consultancy at a time of change facilitating a shared experience looking at vision and what the future might look like.

The results…

Following the workshops and consultancy, Jo Malone and their architects were able to re-design the internal fabric of the shops, fully addressing many of the concerns that members of the team had about making products more touch friendly. The architects found the creative process of making large paintings about what the shops could look like an invaluable part of their design process.

The workshops proved to be a highly innovative way of bringing Jo Malone and their store designers together to find inspirational ways of further strengthening the appeal of their products and shops.

E – Project Manager for Jo Malone


What we delivered

A one day workshop focusing on understanding different leadership and colleague styles and behaviours. We got under the skin of current issues and created a shared team vision for the future with clear accountability and focus for the next 90 days, also a plan on how to cascade learnings to the store teams

The results…

Noticeable and sustained improvements in communication and collaboration; most significantly, increased staff retention amongst the delegate group and their direct reports.

The benefits of taking this unorthodox approach were apparent almost immediately! The team really benefitted from this empowering experience and the number of fresh and powerful ideas generated was phenomenal. Really understanding each other’s values and behaviours has meant that the team can now reach consensus much more rapidly when tackling every day challenges.

Head of Operations – The Body Shop

What we delivered

Executed a two day experiential visual workshop, covering, problem solving, positive thinking, team building, and the development of entrepreneurial leadership skills, a shared set of values, group objectives, and holistic team identity, a clear shared vision for the future clarity of roles and responsibilities and a clear understanding of how to deliver in order to achieve sustainable growth.

The results…

M&S were delighted with the team reaction. Morale and inter-departmental communication improved greatly, as did the flow of ideas and cross-fertilisation between teams. Two further workshops were commissioned to reach a broader audience and to help induct 50 new colleagues into the business. The newly created department achieved all objectives and beat planned forecasts.

The workshop provided a fantastic shared experience that really bonded two disparate teams, supporting the group to overcome communication challenges and giving them a much deeper understanding of each others priorities and focus.

Head of Visual Operations, M&S

What we delivered

Consultancy and workshops over a period of years that for these three teams in particular re-defined the nature of their work and enabled them to  use visual language as a highly creative tool. Creation of unique team brands re-defining their spirit and aspiration. Opportunities for individuals to strengthen and broaden their own fragrance/flavour capability. Insights and working knowledge of tapping into creative awareness through other subjects than their own.

The results…

The quality of collaboration and teamwork dramatically improved, solving many of the problems that existed due to ‘silo’ mentality. Empowering the teams with visual language enabled them to create powerful new products and marketing tools that resulted in an increase in profits internationally. For the senior managers, increased creative awareness  and knowledge enabled them to impress their clients with new perspectives on creativity in the industry.

Peter’s creative approach to using art and experience to stimulate idea generation and alternative thinking was and still is ground-breaking and powerful. I would highly recommend this for businesses needing to supercharge their innovation processes and get employees back into the habit of new thinking.

Vice President, Oral Care

What we delivered

Team Revelations provided a cross-functional experience that enabled colleagues to understand more about personal, creative and mental skills, and to more deeply appreciate the different ways in which we see. Most of the team had not met before so this was also an opportunity to build new relationships and form new friendships.

Exercises also explored how we visually prioritize information and what represents the essence of the subject.

The workshop focused on creating drawings from observation and imagination helped to refocus managers on their more spontaneous powers to communicate and empathize.

The results…

In the short session the team quickly got to know each other and were able to start to form new relationships to be built upon back at the office and found that the exercises enabled them to make relevant, insightful and useful connections to their day jobs.

During the workshop Peter referred many times to the concept of ‘openness’. This realisation of openness motivates me to communicate better and share my ideas (and prompt my colleagues for theirs…) in our day-to-day work. In the same way that yesterday I felt ‘free’ to express my drawing without ‘fear’ of right or wrong, I feel today motivated to express my own ideas about projects, knowing that I can add value with my contribution.

G. Mazza
Investment Banking – Risk & capital management IT


What we delivered

Team Revelations provided DRC coaching with an inspirational workshop covering a range of topics. This included a fresh look at team communication and an exploration of more challenging areas, such as conflict at work and dealing with trust.

Drawings from the artist’s life model focused on skills of interpretation and empathy whilst group painting exercises empowered the team to discover different sides of each other’s creativity.

drc followed the session with discussion to further explore how they work with clients and how Retail Revelations could partner them on tailored projects.

The beginning was a journey of individual expression and willingness to contribute, whereas the end reflected a sense of equality, everyone involved